A few week’s ago, we yet again experienced how important it is to have your pet microchipped:

One Saturday morning, we got a phone call from one of our regular client’s, informing us, that she had let two German Shepherd dog’s, that were running in Vaalpark’s streets into her garden, as she feared for their safety, and wondered if we could come and scan them for microchips.

As so few pet’s are actually chipped, we were initially skeptical, however, when we scanned them, they actually had microchips. We inserted the numbers into our microchips company’s (Back Home) database and found the name and contact nr of the owner.

Even more surprising, was the fact, that these two dog’s had not gotten lost locally – but had been stolen a week earlier in Roodepoort! So-at least one Happy Ending!

Since February 2016, microchipping your pet in the U.K. has become compulsory – we wish more pet owner’s in South Africa would realize not only the importance of having a pet microchipped, but also the importance of choosing the right microchip. In recent times, we actually do find that strayed pet’s have microchips, only to find that the chip is not connected to a reputable database – rendering it USELESS.

A microchip is about the size of a rice grain and is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades – this is the area of the body, where it is least possible to move around, and where all Vet’s and welfare organizations will scan to find a chip.



It is not trackable by satellite-there is a number on the chip, which should be connected to a registrar of a reputable company, which then connects the owner’s details to the specific number (like an i.d. for your pet).

There are a lot  cheap microchips doing the rounds and in this case buying cheaply, might in the end be costly, as safety of the chip material has not been established, nor durability and not being registered on a reputable database!

Having your pet chipped at a Veterinarian or welfare organization will be your best bet to being sure, that your pet is indeed identifiable!

Costs of having your pet microchipped can be anything from R 250 – R 450. Make sure you as owner get a copy of the certificate and are able to change your details on the database if necessary. Just accepting that your pet is registered to your name after buying it from a breeder or organization is irresponsible.

Microchipping carries no health issues for your pet ( if it is a quality chip), and is not more painful that an injection.

The first and still one of the most reputable companies to supply microchips in South-Africa is

” Identipet ” and although they charge an annual registration fee, this is to be able to supply and  maintain Microchip scanners to all Welfare organizations in South Africa – so that you as Pet owner can be assured to be contacted, should your Pet be found. They have also recently taken it upon them to take some of the disreputable companies to court.

Another reputable microchip supplier is “Back-Home” , and as they are affiliated overseas too, this  makes sense for Owner’s who intend on migrating and taking their Pet’s with them.

Microchipping your pet is one of the most responsible acts, you as Pet owner can do!

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